Supreme Hottest Trends, Heart?

With the hottest trends of Supreme*L^ collaboration, the demand of Supreme is increasing during this time, Supreme was sought by many teenagers, we have known that many teenagers would wait in line at the gate of Supreme store before the shop opening, the reason of that is many products will sold out at soon, they need wait and buy products at the early time. 

As we all known, Supreme has its unique box logo symbol, which we can see many people wearing the T-shirts or hoodies with this classical pattern. However, we will show you two kinds of T-shirts of Supreme that has a little distinguish than before. Let’s see more details>>

The First News>>

At the end of July, we heard that Supreme will cooperate with Nas, there is a representative T-shirts that a image of Nas wearing Supreme’s famous box logo shirts with “Nasty Nas” written under it. This one also get the great reflection from many Supreme fans, how about you? Do you like this T-shirts?


The Second News>>

Last week, we found that Supreme* Nike has repealed a new model shoes, the shoes features a premium red leather and white wool panel upper, with Nike brand on the tongue of the shoes. Do you like this sneakers? What’s your thoughts of the sneakers?

The Third News>>

From now on, there’s no doubt that Supreme* L^ is the hottest trends of fashion, we can see lots of T-shirts, hoodies, bags, accessories are prevailed. Do you like its styles of Supreme * L^?

The Fourth News>>

Recently, a new Supreme stores will opened in Brooklyn, they come two new box logo opening T-shirts in black and white. The black features an extremely distressed and fade gray-on -gray box logo, where the branding is barely readable, while the white one has much clearer logo of red-and- white. Would these two T-shirts are the best one for the opening T-shirts? Would these two T-shirts be your favorite? Most of Supreme fans, these two T-shirts are available, we will update them as soon as possible, pls keep on concerning us to see more details>>

Above the mentioned news, Are you interested in that? Do you think these newest is popular among the fashion market?

Here we provide the Best Sellers of Supreme for you, would you want to cop one for yourselves? Luckily, we have a big sale for “Back to School”, hurry up to dress yourselves with fashionable stuffs for your new semester.

After seeing these, which one is your favorite? Welcome to comment its number below the article, or you can post other styles of Supreme that you like in the comment frame, we will continuously updating the newest on on our website, we also have many promotions for you, pls tuned to EDR all the time.

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