Jan.1st-Jan.7th Weekly Fashion Match

Hello EDR fans, we'd like to share with you the great news:

Every Monday we would show you all fashion matches we sent on IG in the past week, that means you can check here if you miss our everyday IG matching posts and you can click here for those matches we sent if you cannot find them on our site.

Follow our IG account: @everydesignerfan for more fashion matches every day.



As for G, L^, Supreme x L^ and some MCM stuff, pls contact our costomer service to purchase. As for other stuff, pls click the NAME to check more details and purchase.

If you want to see IG marches before, you can click here:


Email: sales@everydesigner.ru / edrsales@everydesigner.ru

Whatsapp/Imessage: +8618664501913/+8613242341002



Match One: Hoodie: Supreme x L^--$89.99      Pants: Supreme x L^--$169.99

Match Two: Hoodie: Givenchy--$89.99       Jeans: Balenciaga--$85.99      Shoes: AJ1--$149.99



Match Three: Tracksuits: GG--$199.99       Shoes: AJ 4--$129.99

Match Four:  Hoodie: Givenchy--$79.99       Jeans: Balmian--$75.99       Shoes: GG--$149.99



Match Five:  Pants: GG--$129.99        Shoes: GG--$139.99       Sunglasses: Cazal --$69.99

Match Six:  Hoodie: GG--$89.99       Jeans: Balmian--$75.99       Shoes: Balenciaga--$139.99



Match Seven: Hoodie: GG--$119.99       Belts: GG--$119.99       Necklace: Miami Cuban Chain --$219.99

Match Eight: Hoodie: Supreme--$89.99     Shoes: Adidas--$179.99      Jeans: Bamian--$75.99



Match Nine:  Hoodie: Supreme--$89.99      Shoes: AJ 1 --$199.99       Bag: GG--$259.99

Match Ten:  Hoodie: Off White--$79.99    Shoes: Adidas--$179.99      Jeans: Amiri--$89.99



Match Eleven:  Hoodie: Supreme--$79.99        Pants: Balmain--$75.99      Shoes: Yeezy 350 --$179.99

Match Twelve:  Hoodie: Bape--$99.99     Jeans: Balmian--$75.99      Shoes: Off-White x NK--$149.99



Match Thirteen:  T-shirts: Supreme x L^ --$49.99       Jacket: Supreme x L^--$319.99      Pants: Amiri--$89.99

Match Fourteen:  Hoodie: Off White--$79.99       Jeans: Balenciaga--$85.99       Shoes: Adidas--$179.99


Keep attention, and more suggestions, welcome to comment below.

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